“of course,Your Auntie Gu is at the forefront of the national economy,I’ve drunk any national or foreign wine,She doesn’t find any good wines fresh,Let’s entertain her with our local wine。”

Wang Yuan is obviously hesitant。
Gu Zhuo is very considerate,I smiled and said:“Listen to your dad。”
Wang Yuan motioned to the waiter to get the wine,Not for a while,The waiter brought a bottle of wine,Gu Zhuo has a look,Said:“Mayor wine,There is also this name?”
Wang Jiadong says:“Ha ha,This kind of wine is not available in the market,It’s the whim of a liquor blender in our winery,The quality is really good,What is wrong is that it should not cater to the tastes of officials,Just came out,Was stopped by our mayor。”
“Oh?why?”Gu Zhuo said with two big eyes。
“Long story,Let Tieyan tell you if you have time。”Talking,Put the wine glass in front of you on the turntable,Let the waiter pour the wine。
“Oh?There seems to be a story?”
“Yes。”Gao Tieyan Yinghe said,I finished that snack,Then wipe off the sesame on the corners of your mouth。
Wang Yuan said:“Aunt Gao,One more piece?”
Wang Jiadong says:“Don’t eat,Take away,If you eat it again, it will really become the sweet potato of your in-laws, Uncle Fan said。”
“Haha。”Gao Tieyan and Wang Yuan both laughed。
“you guys,Don’t play dumb riddles in front of me, okay,Why do I feel there is a story in every sentence,And it’s still a very interesting story,I want to hear,in Shenzhen,Seldom are so happy。”Gu Zhuo said quietly,The eyes flickered on Wang Jiadong’s face。
At this moment,Six authentic Huaiyang dishes were brought up,Wang Jiadong takes a look,They all fit Gu Zhuo’s taste。He saw Gu Zhuo feel a little sad,Just said quickly:“We all jokes,Not on the table,Come,End cup,Receiving the dust for Director Gu,Check back often when you have time。”
Gu Zhuo also picked up the glass,Said:“I often go back to Beijing,I want to go back to Kangzhou every time,I am a lover。”Talking,Clink glasses with Wangjiadong High Speed Rail Yan Wangyuan,Toast the wine in the glass。
Gao Tieyan found that Gu Zhuo’s eyes were a little moist,Just said:“We all miss you too,Talking about you,We all admire,Working alone in Shenzhen,A man with two or five eyes doesn’t have any trouble with you。Come,Sister respects you,When did you pass by,Come to Kangzhou,After all, this is also your second hometown。”
Gu Zhuo stand up,Winking big eyes,Said:“Thank you sister Tieyan for not forgetting me。”
Gao Tieyan drank and sat down,Said:“How can I forget?We haven’t forgotten,Is it Secretary Wang??”
Wang Jiadong has a straight face,If you didn’t pick her up。Wang Yuan feels it inappropriate to stay here,Just stand up,Raised the glass and said:“I respect the two aunts,I did this cup,I won’t disturb you,There are still a few tables of guests over there,I want to take care of it,Aunts are free。”Talking,Drink dry,Then took the wine bottle from the waiter,After drinking Gu Zhuo and Gaotie Yanman,Said a few more polite words,Went out。