Does exfoliation help blackheads?



Does exfoliation help blackheads?

Looking at his black head has always felt helpless and very distressed.

If you want to get rid of blackheads, cleaning is very important, and you must pay attention to other aspects of daily skin care.

Do you know how to get blackheads most effectively?

Let’s share it together.

Take a look at the MM’s blackhead combat experience.

  The actual experience of the network MM to go blackheads has actually grown my blackheads for a long time. I also experienced a lot of “inhuman torture” in the middle. The painful experience will not be mentioned, and an effective and simple method is directly introduced.

This is my experience.

Hope to bring dawn to those siblings who desire blackhead destruction NO.

1Rinse the skin with warm water. First, gently rinse your nose with warm water, then gently (remember, gently) the dirt on the surface of the nose with a little bit of facial cleanser, and then rinse with water.


2 Deep cleansing the facial cleanser, then take a certain facial cleanser and massage the nose deeply. At this time, it will be fine for a long time.

But it may be that the cleanser must be very soft, and those without allergies must not have strong alkalinity.

Of course, never use greasy soaps such as sulphur soap.

I used a 38 yuan blue gel cleansing cream. I forgot what it was. It was soft and not allergic anyway.


3 Wipe dry with tissue paper After washing the skin, wipe it with clean tissue paper. The towel may have lungworm, please be careful.


4Apply an oil-absorbing mask to the nose. I used Amway’s cleansing mask. The price is more expensive, but it is also very economical to use it only for the nose.

30% off after 157.

5 yuan 75ML.

Why is it an oil-absorbing mask? Listen to me little by little.

This mask is creamy, like the softness of a cream, and can be massaged on the nose, but it will dry after a while. Do not wash it when it is dry. The pink film will turn white when it dries. You will find the pores.The oil was sucked out, little by little, just like cake paper, the mask was replaced little by little by oil.

The longer the time, the better it can be polished.

Oil absorption is not the purpose, the purpose is to carry out deep dirt through the oil body.

I am very oily and I used to wash my nose with alkaline things, so I usually stop for about an hour.

Then wash the mask with clean, warm water.

I use the pure water in the water dispenser. I haven’t tried it with tap water.


5Be careful about the key point of shrinking water. Generally, others will tell you to quickly shrink the water, but the shrinking water is also a chemical product. If the shrinking water has been used for a long time, the bacteria inside it will be tight.After a while the oil came out and the pores opened again.

  There should be no oil on the skin. There is no natural protective film without oil. If you don’t let the oil come out, the skin itself will let it out.

  My method: Prepare refined salt yourself. Prepare refined salt that others have not used.

Store in a vial.

Now pour a little on clean hands, not too much, or it will become a pickled garlic nose, huh, huh.



Then drip a few drops of milk. I use about four or five drops. I stroked it in the palm of my hand. Half of it was dissolved and half of it was still salt, which is to tell you the amount of salt my sister.
Then use your fingers or a cotton swab to wipe the nose, because there is grain salt, so lighter.

It is sterilizing and anti-inflammatory, and it shrinks the pores like pickles. The most important thing is to let the skin of the nose secrete fresh oil and form a protective film on the nose. No need to rub other things on the nose.Now, natural and never allergic!

Also don’t use too much salt. Killing the skin cells above will destroy the dishes.

Massage for about half a minute and then wash off with water.

  Does exfoliation help blackheads?


  Alas, when I say this, I think of someone who introduced exfoliating things, saying that this can remove the horny skin to expose blackheads. I really want to curse: nonsense, horny skin is very thin after removing the nose, sometimes it looks blueYes, and as soon as the nose is dry in winter, it becomes purple as soon as it freezes, scaring people to death.

.The skin becomes thinner as the keratin is removed, so the pores become clearer.

How much horny can a nose have?

It’s human nose, not pig nose. These people are really irresponsible to make money selling products!

  Be sure to use the right cosmetics, and you must use the right cosmetics. Blackheads, do n’t put any powder on it and draw any shadows. If you insist, you will rub the effect.

At first I only used oil-absorbing mask when I didn’t use salt.

But after using salt, my nose is getting better day by day, and my pores are getting smaller. Now there are only a few huge pores that have been persecuted too much to grow flat. The rest of the pores are gone.I haven’t seen it fall out, it’s gone anyway.

.The nose is softer than before.

Very successful experience!

This kind of work has to be done every day. At my current stage, I basically use the oil-absorbing mask once a week, but I still use salt to treat it every day.

It took me about a year to add them together, but at the beginning I didn’t use salt, so I think the time will be extended to one year, or it will be faster.

.There was no adverse reaction and no allergies.

  This is my experience, I hope it will be very useful to everyone.