Blue Xin’s design,Really, they can’t think of it.。

Lu Haocheng looked at everyone,Drashing the right to compete for the master of Yao Yao Contact,Let the two personally send the dress in the past。
The cheapest set of white pearl lavender dresses in this dress,Ninety-eight million。
The most expensive set,Black and white Mo Tui Diamond Dress15 million。
And these devices,Like a few black horses in the industry,Extremely influence。
There is a nomination of Blue Xin on the design list of international authority.。And after watching the review committee composed of more than a dozen authority, after reading her design,Ultimately determined。
NS1860chapter Go away,What do you do? One of the world’s top ten designers,This ten designers are the most red designer on the market.,It is also the most important designer that is most sought after by the market.。
This list is also an important benchmark for her designer.。
Blue Xin’s design,Has always have a unique style,Contains its own soul,Influential details,She is quite sensitive to fashion,Very crowded。
Day night,Lu Haozheng knows this news from the association,Excited red eyelid,His blue blue,Just a step away from your dreams。
In just a few years,She successfully broke through her own design concept.,Have an important seat in international。
Lu Haocheng immediately sent a bonus for everyone from the design department.。
The person of the design department is excited to be full。
What is most motivated,Money is definitely a well-deserved。
The design department specializes in a party.,Unfortunately, Lu Haoheng and Lan Xin can’t go,They can only have their own carnival。
And Blue Xin’s order,It is more than two or three times more than before.,Lu Hao became her to prepare the game.,Push these orders to the year。
Everyone knows that Lan Xin wants to participate in the International Designer Competition.,Know,Lu Haocheng will let the Jincheng apologize one by one.,And send some small jewelry designed by Blue Xin to apologize。
When you have dinner,Lu Hao Cheng tells Blue Xin’s news,Blue Xin is excited,Change dinner to fried chicken and beer。
Lu Haocheng looked at her happy,Nothing to stop,When Blue Xin is then a call,He made the right to send a chicken。
Beer has,He knows that Blue Xin likes ice beer,Beer has been in the refrigerator。
The couple of husbands eat fried chicken,On the banquet of the top society in Jiangyou,Lan Xin, this thing has already spread into the upper circle of Jiangyou.。
Lin Demodi and Gu Xihong are participating in the dinner in Jiangyou Hotel,Whole banquet,Blue Xin’s things。
Lin Dami and Gu Xihong listened to the praise of the woman,The husband and wife have a very good mood.,Many people come over。
kayAnd Yun An also participated in this banquet。
kayI originally wanted to come here to find the rich wife and thousands of Miss orders in the famous quarter of Yun’an.。
But at night, the business cards sent out, no one wants to find Yun’an shallow。
Instead, people around you have been boatting the design。
Yun’an is ugly。
PullkayHand thinking,ButkayBlocking her。
“kay,Why do you stop me??”Yun An is looking at her,She is here to be insulting here this evening.。
Those rich and ladie have taken her business card,Just a journey laughing。
She is a famous abroad,Going back here, even a top circle is integrated into it.。
How can she not be angry??
kayLooking at the lady of the ladies around,Laugh:“Shallow,Don’t worry,Blue Xin’s limelight is also tonight,Lan Xin, people don’t like to be promoted,Everyone knows that everyone will praise her face.。 ”“and,Have you come to see Gu’s wife??Gu family is now different from two years ago.,Gu Jia son-in-law is Lu Haozheng,Gu Er Shao is a very good person.,Do business, have been going smoothly,The current house is gradually strong
Big。 ”
“Those who say this,Also to please the family。”
Yun’an shallow look,Sure enough, I saw that Gu’s wife was surrounded by many rich and ladies.。