“Humph,Stop for me。”

at this time,In front of Wei Shasha,A group of people standing suddenly。
These people arrived here,It completely blocked Wei Shasha there。
When I see here,Wei Shasha’s beautiful eyes moved slightly,Frown。
“who are http://www.ncjac.cn you?”
Wei Shasha is not clear,Who are these people。
But when Wei http://www.54piano.cn Shasha saw this,In her heart,In fact, it is still very resistant。
But at the moment,The leader looked at Wei Shasha,There is an indescribable expression of pride on his face。
“Hehe,Don’t care who we are。”
“right now,You just need to know,You have to go with us,if not,At your own risk!”
When the leader finishes talking to this side,at this time,Wei Shasha see here,The beautiful eyes are even more surprised。
obviously,Wei Shasha’s heart,Actually didn’t plan to do this。
But the more so,While seeing here,Wei Shasha even said directly here。
“in fact,Advise you,It’s better not to continue tossing here。”