Acupoints of Health Series 35: Emergency pulse, Zhangmen, what is the health effect of the door


Acupoints of Health Series 35: Emergency pulse, Zhangmen, what is the health effect of the door

Now more and more people are paying attention to health, and acupoint health can be done as long as it is enough to do it, without spending or too much skill.

Today, Xiaobian continues to share with you the daily health guidance about the acute vein, Zhangmen, and Houmen points, and what should I pay attention to?

Location of the venous acupoint: the outside of the pubic tuberosity of the human body. When the qi rushing point is outside the groin of the lower groin, the front midline is opened 2 .

5 inch.

Indications: Kidney Qi, Yin Ting, penile pain, less abdominal pain, femoral colic.

Moxibustion: Aizhu moxibustion 3?
5 strong, or moxa moxibustion 5?
10 minutes.

Massage: 鎻?method, click method, refers to the method.

Efficacy: raw and humid.

Daily Health Guidance: The most commonly used place in the daily life of the venous point is the varicose veins of heart disease.

Varicose veins are caused by long-term poor blood flow in the leg veins. In severe cases, even walking upright is difficult, so we should pay attention to clearing the leg meridians.

The specific method is to start from the lower abdomen, until you reach the center of the foot, then tilt it at the position of the rush point, and then gently raise your hand from 1 to 12, then gently raise your hand. At this time, if you feel a heat flow through the veinStraight foot offset, it means that the effect is received.

Pay attention to the prevention of varicose veins: 1.

Avoid short circuit or sitting posture, walking can use the pumping effect of the calf muscle to promote venous return.


Raising the lower limbs can alleviate symptoms such as edema.


Wearing a pressure gradient can delay the progression of the condition.

Zhangmen point positioning: located in the side of the human body, below the free end of the 11th rib.

Indications: abdominal pain, abdominal distension, diarrhea, hypochondriac pain, lumps, indigestion, abdominal pain, bloating, enteritis diarrhea, hepatitis jaundice, hepatosplenomegaly, pediatric hoarding, high blood pressure, thoracic hypochondriac pain, peritonitis, annoying heat, shortness of breath,Chest tightness, tired limbs, and low back pain.

Moxibustion: Aizhu moxibustion 3?
5 strong, or moxa moxibustion 5?
10 minutes.

Massage: Click the method, the method, and the method.

Efficacy: soothes the liver and spleen, clearing away damp heat, qi and dissipating.

Daily health guidance: Zhangmen points are dirty points, rule the five internal organs.

It has a good health care effect on digestive symptoms and the like.

To do this, insert the fingertips into the acupuncture points and make a circular motion.

2 times a day, 2 minutes each time.

Period of the door point positioning: The hole is located at the top, when the nipple is straight down, the sixth intercostal space, the front midline is 4 inches.

Indications: chest pain full of pain, vomiting, hiccups, swallowing acid, bloating, diarrhea, obesity, not eating, chest heat, asthma cough, porpoise, suffocation, typhoid fever into the blood chamber.

Moxibustion: Aizhu moxibustion 3?
5 strong, moxibustion moxibustion 5?
10 minutes.

Massage: 鎻?method, refers to the method of pushing, and clicking the method.

Efficacy: Shugan Qingre, lowering pain, gallbladder and stomach.

Daily Health Guidance: Those who have chest pain and pain can massage with the following methods: first gently wipe the bilateral flank with the palm of your hand to slightly heat, then use your thumb to focus on the door hole, from light to heavy, stand byAfter producing the feelings of acid, hemp, swelling, pain, heat and walking, apply the sputum in a way that allows the stimulation to reach the deeper layers of the muscle tissue. After a few seconds, gradually relax.
Repeatedly, the left and right alternate, each time insert 3 per hole?
5 minutes, two or three times a day.

Today’s acute venous points have a good health effect on varicose veins, and Zhangmen points have better digestive system problems. The cerebral acupoints have a good effect on eliminating chest pain and pain. If you are concerned about healthy friends, you can stick to the acupuncture points if you have the above problems.Carry out daily care.