“Not going out to buy clothes。”Becha,NowadayslvThe small bag went out。

“Depend on,It http://www.huizhizhou.cn seems that it is not yesterday.。”Lin Feng looked at BechanglvBag,The rich people are rich people,And the clothes of this Beijia Miss are also different from yesterday.。
Becai Shiyin is not heard,With Lin Feng, I walked out of Zhongzhou Hotel.,Then after driving came to the entrance of Armani flagship store in the city center.,Bei Xue Yin and Lin Feng have come out。
“Armani。”Lin Feng looked at this flagship store,A little hair。
“Welcome,Welcome beauty。”Just when Lin Feng was worried,A white shirt,The beautiful woman in the black dress came out。
“What,Not going in。”Becai Xueyin did not look at Lin Feng,This guy always goes to God。
“it is good,it is good。”Lin Feng smiled,I immediately walked into this flagship http://www.cwyp8888.cn store.。
Flagship store is luxurious,Richer,All selling male clothes,In addition to clothes, there is a gold table,Lin Feng looks at the price of these clothes,A little hair。
The cheapest clothes in this are also thousands of yuan.。
“Beauty,Two-piece underwear,Two pants,Two coat,Two pairs of socks,Two double shoes,Special edition。”Bei Xue Yin laughs。
“A bit more,Special version of。”Lin Feng said a sentence,In fact, wearing a general dress.,Although he has a few money,But I still don’t want to waste.。
“fine,I will buy you clothes.。”Becue elegant to take out his own pinklvBag,Open a gold bank card in the package。
NS11chapter Qi Shiyuan
“gentlemen,You invited this。”Beautiful waiter looked at Lin Feng blamed,In her opinion, Lin Feng must definitely eat soft rice.,Otherwise how to wear so soothe。
Of course, the appearance of the waiter is still a sincere smile.。
“Hey-hey,I am welcome.。”Lin Feng smiled and said,After all, it is Bei Xueyin to buy her clothes.,A pretty wishful woman buying clothes,Lin Feng refused??
When the beautiful waiter took Lin Feng left the clothes.。
Becha is sitting on the chair in the store,Waiting for Lin Feng’s arrival。
After half an hour, Lin Feng came out.,A black windbreaker,Put the Pens of Lin Feng’s body,Black boots are walking between the hegemony,Resolute face,With a sunshine,Lin Feng alone looks like a person.。
“Be handsomeant。”Bei Xue Yin smiles:“A bit of a model dog。”
“This nature,Brother is handsome,Otherwise, a corrupt woman will not take the initiative to find the door.。”Lin Feng smiled。
“Dead guy,Rebudes you again。”Becue threatening。
“Beauty,This is other clothes shoes。”At this time, the beauty waiter has also gone.,A box。
“Not going to be on the car。”Becai Xueyin didn’t look good at Lin Feng Road,Said that the Bai Xueyin turned directly to go out。
“Hey-hey。”Lin Feng smiled,I hurriedly walked out of the clothes and walked out with Bei Xueyin.。
Two people got on the bus,Bei Xueyin directly drives to the Qi Shiyuan。
Twenty minutes later two people came to the area of the city of Zhongzhou City。
This area is tall towering,Three five steps,Floral trees,The flower of the gods is scattered in the air,An ancient home is standing in it.。
The left side of the home is a parking,Stop in many luxury cars,BMW,Mercedes,Ferrari, etc.,There are hundreds of people in full,There are many bicycles in addition to these luxury cars.。
“This is the Qi Shiyuan?”Lin Feng looked at the Qi Shiyuan asked。
“good,This is the Qi Shiyuan。”Bei Xueyin pointed to the ancient house:“You don’t look at it here.,Strict protection here,A flies will be discovered in the home of the house.。”
Talking between Bei Xueyin stops the car in the parking lot,Then I got off the bus with Lin Feng.,The home area is wide,There are four portals in the entire house.。
Sign abovea,b,c,d。
representsa,b,c,dFour http://www.hbsmgg.cn regions。
The middle of the stone garden came to people,Everyone is non-rich,The average person can’t afford it.,There are thousands of ordinary stones here.,Hundreds of thousands,Millions,Even a stone of millions of dollars also have,Rumoring this Qi Shiyuan’s town garden stone value of 30 million。
“The price of these four areas is different.?”Lin Feng looked at the four-piece area。
“good,a,b,c,dFour areas represent four grades of original stone, respectively.,The topmost isaArea,Value is over one million,bStone a little,The value is above 500,000,andcThe area is above 10,000,dRegional,The value is between one thousand yuan to 10,000 yuan。”Bechangye patient’s explanation。