And Gano has killed nearby。

“Hey……”Two people super high speed pair,Martin was blown out。
Gangan bombard his sixteen punch,The fist of 气 作 将。
At the same time,Follow。
Half-air Martin can only barely use both hands,A box of fist from sweeping,Whipp in Gangan。
“boom”Painful roar,Drop in an advanced instrument,Suddenly passed out of the sound。
He just stood up,The Gano buckle that was rushing was thrown out of the wrist,At the same time, the rotation is one leg horizontal.。
Subsequent,Ganoi left a residue chasing。
Just enter the ground in Martin,One foot heavy, to his head,Martin feels unprecedented fear,No matter what to turn over。
Gano once again lifted,The sound of the bone marrow,Martin’s right leg is broken。
“what……”Screaming,It’s like a dead beast in the roar.。
It’s still a foot.,The other leg is the same。
Gan Gan didn’t look at him,Rush to another direction,Drink,“Here to me,Give me Martin。”
Liuhe Mountain, which is being fuelious, is seriously tone。
His body is equally scarred,Bloody clothes,Own,There are also others。
After hearing the voice of Gano,Stomach。
Several people who are siege,All have changed color。
One of them called,“Stop,We surrender……”Gano is cold,Not paying attention to,Directly。
He will take over to control the gods alliance,But Martin’s relatives must die。
No accident,There is no miracle。
Their end has been destined。
After an hour,This place finally calm down。
Gano turned around blood。
“grown ups。”
Liuhe Mountain rushed to say。
“Thanks for your hard work。”
Gan dry face slightly,Conscientiously,“Your life is desperate this time.,I am very grateful,Rest assured,I won’t treat you.。”
Liuhe Mountain Evil,“Thank you。”
“You are good at management,Now,Let those high-level and scientists who have no force,Naked,That is dead。”
Liuhe Mountain has given a breath,Take a big walk away。
Gute is looking down on Martin,“President,Do not worry,I won’t let you die.,That http://www.fumiaoplastics.cnis too cheap, you.,I want to follow the promise,Everything I have received,Paid!”
Martin’s eye grievance,Full of hatred and anger,“Do you think I will ask you??
“I don’t expect you to ask for mercy.,Just let you feel,I have experienced the suffering。”
Click!Click!He stepped forward,Do not hesitate to break Martin’s arms。