“Why don’t you know Dalabon??”Guo Xiaoyi said in surprise。

Wang Yufei looked dumbfounded。
“Ok,Is Wang Haoran’s father!”
Wang Yufei subconsciously turned his head and glanced at the boy sitting next to Xu Ruixuan in the back row,He can’t remember wrong,Teacher Gao called this name during the physical education class yesterday,It’s just amazing,Why is his father’s name so weird。
“lets change a topic,Are you ready for the open class this afternoon?”
Seeing this problem, Wang Yufei thought about it,Replied:“What should I prepare for assaulting children?”
Such a domineering answer,Shocked Guo Xiaoyi again。
This is when she first came to her house,Stern face,Brother who is so honest to have no friends??
But after the shock, I was delighted……
Domineering is suitable,What’s the same as Tuhanhan?
of course,What she didn’t know was,Clay figurines are also three-part earthy。
Although there are things that make Wang Yufei happy today,But it’s a lot of trouble!Although Guo Jianfeng and Han Qian didn’t make it clear in order not to put pressure on him,But Wang Yufei could think that such rumors by those idiots in the Mathematical Olympiad would cause a lot of trouble to Guo Jianfeng as the school leader.。
This is what Wang Yufei cannot tolerate。