But no training today,Today is a planned rest day,And make training plans。

The trainer cannot be said to be doing it every day for one day.,Combination of work and rest is the truth,And for a while,Xu Xuan’s body cannot accept so many training arrangements,It takes a while to digest and absorb。
For Xu Xuan,Training has become essential,Even if there is no training schedule today,Xu Xuan did the morning jog as usual。
morning9More,Lin Yun and Xu Xuan’s mother went out to the mall again,Two women get together,Go shopping every day。
Yes,Xu Xuan’s parents are now taken to Los Angeles,Just let Lin Yun, who was temporarily vacant, take them out and have fun。
Noon,Pelinka came over with the file。
Xu Xuan doesn’t have time to help him plan these things every day,Free time like this,Pelinka holds it well。
“Xu,I worked hard here,Joe has no hope,The Jazz dragged on until now and they have no intention of closing,”Pelinka says:“but,Wesley is hopeful here,And have reached a preliminary agreement with us,But they didn’t want Mozgov,Clarkson。”
Xu Xuan stood up and looked at Pelinka’s position,“It’s that Jordan·Clarkson??”
“Yes,it’s him。”Pelinka smiled bitterly:“The Clippers wanted to take a bite after seeing the fat。”
Speaking of which, this guy has a relationship with Xu Xuan,Because he too14Rookie of the year,Xu Xuan,And he is also a second round show,A little lower than Xu Xuan,Is the second round16The pick was used by the Los Angeles Lakers for the first place traded from the Wizards.46Sign selection。
In the same year as a substitute for the Lakers,2015year3month7day,In the Lakers and Grizzlies game,Jordan·Clarkson played36minute,18cast12in,contribution25Minute6Assist4Backboard,Refresh career single game scoring record,Kobe·Bryant(2001year4month16day)Get it in a single game25Minute6Youngest Lakers player with assists。