He picked her up,Whispered:“Where can i take a bath?”

She can’t speak,But raised his finger upstairs,He hugged her,Upstairs。
She closed her eyes,Enjoy the process,Put your hands around his neck,Put your head behind her shoulders,Tears came out again……
They cleaned each other,Washed for a long time,Until the solar water runs out,The water becomes cool,They just walked out of the bathroom。
They wiped the water drops on each other,Are so meticulous,Religious piety,Seems to have a certain pious mentality。
Lying in a warm bed,He reached out and hugged her,Kissed her forehead,Said:“baby,Why do I suddenly feel at home?”
Ding Yi’s nose is sour again,Hug him tight,Said:“Here,Is your home……”
Jiang Fan bowed his head and kissed her,Said:“Ok,Is our home……”
Ding Yi said again:“after,Let’s come here for weekends?”
Jiang Fan lowered his head,Rubbing her hair with her chin,Said:“Of course I can’t ask for it,But not presumptuous,Let your family know,They will not allow you。”
Ding Yi said bravely:“Accommodating,I am confident that they will accept you。”
Jiang Fan said:“I also have confidence,just,Now they won’t accept me,I dare not ask them to accept,But I am confident that they will accept my future。”
“Ok,I also have confidence。”
Listened to her,Jiang Fan has another impulse,Kissed her emotionally,Then said:“I don’t know if they can make you wait until after me……”Finished saying this,His heart hurts like a tight。
Ding Yi looked up at him,Reach out,Rubbing his face,Murmured:“They will,Because i have no other choice……”
“I believe。”Jiang Fan shook her hand,Put it by your own mouth,Kissed and said:“Didn’t your classmate return home??”
Ding Yi knew he was worried, He Pengfei,Just say:“Yes,After he finished reading,Worked in Silicon Valley for more than a year。Our province is going to build a computer base that is said to be the largest in North China,It happens to be his major,Because he was sent out by the unit for further studies,So he was recalled by the unit。”