Chen Hao suddenly froze,Yes!Why didn’t I think of this?!If once I get entangled by Murongshan,,Then there is no chance to take a step,Not to mention the long distance from where I stand to the window。
“You should feel lucky,Fortunately, I just talked about having fun,otherwise,You are miserable,Good。”
Murong Shan said unabashedly。
“I want to go home……I really want to go home now,You all are terrible!Feel like this anymore,I’m going to die in your hands!”
Chen Hao replied with aggrieved expression。
“Will not,Sure not,You are such a beautiful and charming little beauty,We can’t bear to hurt you,We want you to stay and enjoy slowly,Hey Hey。”
Murong Shan deliberately teased Chen again,It looks like a real pervert!If Qin Liang, Shen Ruoxi and Yang Shiyun knew they were away,,Such a funny scene happened at home,I don’t know if I laughed until I passed out……
“Minmin,Please do me a favor,You help me knock me out。”
Chen Hao turned his face and said to Song Min。
“That’s impossible!I knocked you out, the one who was bullied by her was me,Someone helped me knock me out in a while?”
Unexpectedly, Song Min actually answered Chen Hao like this!
Chen Hao looked at Song Min stupidly,Then he turned around and went to the corner beside the bed,I hugged my arms blankly and squatted down and curled up in the corner!This bullied her,If Qin Liang sees it and secretly feels distressed!If Shen Ruoxi saw it,,I will definitely deal with Murong Shan for her!But again,If Shen Ruoxi was there,Chen Hao won’t be bullied by Murongshan,Because usually this kind of thing doesn’t fall on her and Song Min。
“What are you doing!Makes it feel like a bag!Do you want to be so exaggerated?!”
Murong Shan immediately walked to Chen Hao,Stretch and pull her up,Said to her dumbfoundingly。
“Not as if,I’m a gas bag。”
Chen Hao’s tangled answer。