Lonely Stories 712 (Peng Zu, from the Immortal Biography, some health theory is still suitable for the present)


Lonely Stories 712 (Peng Zu, from the Immortal Biography, some health theory is still suitable for the present)

Peng Zu’s surname is a grandson of Emperor Sui in ancient times. By the end of the Yin Dynasty, Peng Zu had been 767 years old, but he was not old at all.

When Peng Zuo was a teenager, he liked to be quiet. He didn’t have any interest in the things in the world. He didn’t pursue the name and profit. He didn’t like the luxury car and horse costumes. He regarded self-cultivation as a top priority.

When the king heard that his character was high and clean, he asked him to be the official of the doctor.

However, Peng Zu often uses illness as an excuse to not participate in official duties.

He is very proficient in the techniques of nourishing the body. He often takes Danfang, such as 鈥淢ugui Mica Powder鈥?and 鈥淶hujiao San鈥? so his face is always as young as a young person.

However, Peng Zu’s heart is very stable. He never said that he had cultivated things, and he did not pretend to be a ghost.

He is innocent, quietly alone, rarely travels around, is traveling, and is alone. People don’t know where he is going, even his servants don’t know where he is going.

Peng Zu has a car and a horse but rarely uses it. When going out, he often does not bring tolls and rations. It is dozens of days or even hundreds of days to go, but when he returns, he is still very healthy as usual.

Usually, he often sits quietly, holding Dan Tian from the morning until noon, sitting on his back, gently rubbing his eyes, gently massage the various parts of the body, swallowing saliva with his tongue and lips, and transporting dozens of breaths.Then I received the work and came to walk and talk.

If he occasionally feels tired or uncomfortable, he uses the method of closing the air to treat the patients in the body, and spread the gas in the chest to all parts of the body, except for the nine limbs of the limbs, the lungs and the five organs, the limbs and the limbs.The hair on the body let the gas go one by one.

At this time, I feel that the air is running in the body like a cloud. From the nose and mouth to the end of the ten fingers, I feel that the whole body is very comfortable.

When the king went to visit Peng Zu, he often did not inform him, secretly left some treasures to play with him and left.

There were tens of thousands of gold before and after the king gave Pengzu a reward. Peng Zu also accepted it, but immediately relieved them to the poor people, and they did not stay at all.

There is also a person who is called a female picker. She has also been practicing monasticism since she was a teenager. She is already 270 years old. It seems to be only fifty or sixty years old. She is also very proficient in practicing alchemy.

The king allowed the female to live in the hustle and bustle of the court, and built a magnificent temple for her, rewarding her with many golden jade.

On one occasion, the king asked the woman to take the expensive carriage to visit Peng Zu, ask Peng Zu for advice on the main points of practice and the method of prolonging life.

Peng Zu said, “If you want to go to heaven to be a fairy in the fairy world, you must always wear Jin Dan.

Nine Calls, Taiyi is because the uniforms of the Golden Dan are only ascending to heaven.

However, this is the highest in Taoism, and the king of the world cannot do it.

The essence is to replenish and concentrate, take herbs, and live forever.

But you can’t engage in the sorcerers that drive the ghosts and fly in the wind.

If you don’t understand the truth of yin and yang, it means that taking medicine has no effect.

As for the principle of yin and yang, you can only rely on your own assumptions, how can you say it?

So I think you are very strange.

I was a posthumous child. When I was three years old, I died my mother. I caught up with the chaos and chaos. I fled and fled to the Western Region, where I stayed for more than 100 years.

I lost my parents from my youth, and I have died forty-nine wives and lost fifty-four sons. I have suffered many times and hurt my strength.

No matter hot or cold, my skin is not shiny, my nutritional care is very bad, my body is as thin as dead wood, I am afraid that it will not live for a long time, and what I have seen and heard is very shallow, there is really nothing to preach to others.of.
There is a Qingqing in Dawan Mountain. It is said that he has lived a thousand years old. He still looks like a boy. He can walk five hundred miles a day. He can eat for a long time, or he can eat nine meals a day. You don’t hinder him from asking for advice.Let’s go.

Asked the woman, “So what kind of god is Mr. Qingjing?”

“Peng Zu said that he is just a good person, not a fairy.

Any immortal, or able to enter the cloud, can fly without wings, or can ride the dragon to the heavens in the clouds; or can change into birds and beasts in the clouds, swim in the river, fly over the famous mountains and rivers.

There are also some gods who feed on the power of heaven and earth, or eat the medicinal herbs and Ganoderma lucidum, or enter and leave the world, and mortals can’t see that they are gods; or hide their own body shape and make them invisible.

Some of them have extraordinary bones, and they have strange hairs on their bodies. They are lonely and do not interact with mortals.

However, although these immortals have a life span of immortality, they are too far away from human feelings, and they are completely repeated with the human world. Just like a bird has become a cockroach, a pheasant has become a sea otter, and has lost its trueness and become a weirdThe thing, with my stupid thoughts, is not willing to become that kind of immortal.

When practicing Taoism, you should eat luscious food, wear soft and gorgeous clothes, understand the truth of yin and yang, and you can also be an official. The person who cultivates the Tao should be strong in bones, and the complexion and body are very shiny.And not debilitating, the more things you see when you are old.

For many years in the world, cold and hot rheumatism can not be hurt, ghosts and ghosts do not dare to commit, five kinds of weapons and hundreds of poisonous insects can not be close, others do not care about, these are the most valuable.

Life is in the world and accepts the shade of heaven and earth. Even if you don’t know how to practice the Tao, you can live to be 120 if you have proper cultivation.

If you know a little bit of surgery, you can live to be two hundred and forty years old.If you need to know more about the Tao, you can live forty or eighty years old.

Really get through the principles of cultivation, you can live forever, but you can’t be a fairy.

The most fundamental thing about prolonging life is not to hurt the body: to adapt to the seasonal climate change of winter, cold and hot, so that the body will always be comfortable; for female beauty and leisure entertainment, it is necessary to stop, not to be tempted by greed, so your heartIt can be safely cleaned; for the horses and horses in the official time, they are content and not greedy, which will make you interested and dedicated; music painting is pleasing to the eye, so that your mood can be enlightened.

All of the above can help you live longer.

Instead of mastering these measures, they will cause harm to themselves.

Ancient saints, worried about ignorant people, do not grasp the measure of things, immersed in the river of desire to linger, so they must cut off the source of human desire.

Therefore, some very noble Aristocrats do not have bed with their wives, and secondly, some of them are not with their wives.

It is to eat a hundred medicines, and it is not as good as a person to recuperate.

The music is too much to hear, and the delicious taste is overdone and the taste of the person is ruined.

If everything is tempered, and the relationship between fluency and congestion is properly handled, not only can life be reduced, but benefits can be obtained.

All of these things are just as good as the use of water and fire. If they are used excessively, they must suffer.

People often don’t understand that if the meridians are hurt, the blood is not enough, the internal organs are weak, and the marrow is not, the body must be sick.

The disease is precisely because of the damage from the outside, some caused by the weather changes or excessive wine caused by internal damage, and not the person itself will be sick.

Excessive thinking, over-brain, over-happy, over-sorrowful, angry and annoyed, over-demanding, yin and yang can not be coordinated, these all hurt people, but excessive sexual intercourse between men and women is the most hurtful.

This is very strange at first glance, but it is not.

Men and women complement each other, and the same is true for heaven and earth.

Therefore, the matter between men and women must pay more attention to nurturing the spirit, not excessively and losing coordination.

According to the law of yin and yang, Tianhedi can never be the ultimate. If people lose the harmony of handover, they will be hurt.

If a person gets the yin and yang harmony technique by avoiding the injury, he will get a longevity.

The picking woman got the points of these learning from Peng Zu. After going back to teach the king, the king tried it very well.

Yin Wang got the implant of Peng Zu, and he always wanted to secretly declare it. He also ordered in the country to say who would dare to spread Peng Zu’s Taoism and kill his head. He also wanted to kill Peng Zu to make his Taoist technique lost.

Peng Zu knew that he would leave afterwards and he did not know where to go.

After Peng Zucheng became a fairy, people recorded his overlap and became the “Pang Zu Jing”.