Skin care methods summarized by American experts


Skin care methods summarized by American experts

According to the United States “Prevention” magazine reported on the 17th, several American skin experts analyzed the results of the correction study and summarized some summer maintenance methods for readers.

  1. Take antioxidant sunscreen.

Take antioxidants to enhance sun protection. Fern extracts can reduce wrinkles and brown spots caused by UV rays.

  2. Use lipstick with a sun protection index.

Lips lack outer protection and are therefore vulnerable to UV rays in summer.

Use a lipstick with a sun protection index of at least 15 to prevent lips from drying out, thinning and sunburn.

  3. Strengthen hydration after sun exposure.

Apply moisturizing cream on the skin and cover it with hot and humid towels for 5 minutes to prevent skin dryness caused by ultraviolet rays.

  4. Treat acne with a cotton swab.

If you apply acne with peroxide, you can use a cotton swab to gently apply it on the head to avoid dark spots on the wound.

  5. Finish the hairline before wearing a sun hat.

Too much skin oil can be absorbed by a hat or turban, causing acne to grow around the forehead.

Therefore, before wearing a hat or headscarf, you should first organize the hairline to remove excess oil from the skin.

  6. Shampoo containing sodium bicarbonate makes hair more shiny.

In summer, more free radicals will disturb the hair, making it dry and dull. Adding sodium bicarbonate to the shampoo can make the hair more shiny.

  7, sleeping silk pillowcase.

The smooth texture of silk prevents hair from rubbing against the pillowcase, preventing dandruff and other erosion in hot weather.

  8. Use papaya to remove pore litter.

Crush the fresh papaya fruit and wash the skin for 3 minutes.

This summer-only fruit contains an enzyme that can remove dead cells inserted into the pores, making the skin smoother and more delicate.

  9, choose a hair band without metal.

Avoid metal trinkets on the hair band, which can scratch the hair and cause split ends.

Especially after swimming, wet hair is more likely to be damaged.

  10. Wear socks to keep your heels soft.

To keep your heels moist and soft, don’t go barefoot even indoors or on the beach.