10th month baby’s growth game recommended

10th month baby’s growth game recommended

In the tenth month, the baby has been able to sit and climb proficiently through the efforts of the first few months. Some can even pull up the bed rail or chair to stand up, and even try to walk on the sofa or other furniture.

  The advantages of the hand are significantly improved.

I am able to divide my left and right hands, and some use my left hand to play with toys.

  Permanent consciousness of objects is gradually increasing.

If he accidentally drops the toy behind the chair, he will try to remove the chair to find it, because he knows that the toy has fallen into it.

  Most babies start to pay attention to their relationship with the people and things around them, and have their own “small ideas”.

For example, he will do something to please you, make you satisfied, and get your praise for braking.

If you blame him, he will cry sadly; if he is having a good time and you disturb him, he will lose his temper.

When you are tired, hungry, or uncomfortable, your baby will lose his temper more easily, so you should avoid this.

But when he is in good health and sleeps deliciously, he will be very happy.

Every time he saw Mom and Dad come home from work, he would show a particularly happy look.

When I see delicious food, I will slap my mouth.

When you hear the familiar tunes, you clap your hands or shake your body and hum.

It’s so cute!

  Game recommendation 1.
Climbing the “mountain”: Prepare some pillows, cushions, quilts and the like, and pile them up on a big bed against a wall or on a clean floor, like a hill.

Teach your baby to climb up or down the “mountain”, and you will protect him from danger in the side.

This activity allows your baby to exercise coordination and enhance great athletic ability in the process of playing happily.

  2.Hiding: Prepare a large bath towel and a few toys that your baby likes.

For example, you take out a toy ball and wrap it in a bath towel in front of your baby.

Ask the baby: “What about the ball?

“Encourage your baby to open the towel and get the ball.

Change to another toy and play it several times.

This game is enough to make your baby feel novel and to exercise his little hand posture.

  3.How to call a puppy: Prepare a picture of a familiar animal such as a puppy, kitten, duckling, etc.

When you show the puppy picture, say to your baby, “This is a puppy. How does a puppy bark?”

“Teach the baby,” Wang Wang.

“Change another picture and play later.

This game can exercise your best while teaching your baby to know animals.

  4.Fingers, noses and eyes: Take a baby familiar doll, and let him point to the doll’s nose, eyes, etc.

Pointing and asking him: “What about the baby’s nose?

“Where’s the doll’s eyes?”

“You can also let the baby refer to the mother’s features.

Point right and kiss him as a reward: yes, baby is awesome!

This game allows your baby to understand language and trains hand-eye coordination.

  Expert comment: At this age, motor development has entered an amazing stage.

From looking up, sitting, and climbing to the previous rising moment, at this time there is a substitute for confrontation, which is to lay the foundation for walking alone.

So give your baby a chance to exercise, make him find the feeling of standing and walking, and strengthen the strength of the upper and lower limbs.
Soon, the baby will play and walk alone.
  The baby already knows something at this time, and can understand the expressions of adults.

Although I can’t fully understand the language, I can understand the tone of adults.

So the parents’ attitude towards the baby at this time has an important effect on his behavior.

Positive attitudes and reward actions change this behavior to show persistence and fixation, while negative attitudes and “punishment” actions, or some kind of indifference, can make certain behaviors subside.

This is the role of reinforcement and negative reinforcement.

This education plays a major role when your baby cannot understand the language.

Parents must pay attention to using your correct attitude and behavior to make your baby good behavior habits.