Xia Jian nodded,Asked after taking the list,Side sign。About ten minutes,Jin Yimei was satisfied with which of her lists and left。

Xia Jian glanced at Wang Lin,Took another look at Heiwa。Then he smiled and said:“Which of you is the most anxious?The most urgent first”
“President Xia!I’ll come first!Demolition work is progressing slowly,The most important thing is that many people cannot rent a house,Besides, the New http://www.yygezi.cn Year is coming soon,We dare not too much”
Heiwa has a dark face,Said anxiously。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“New Year’s Eve in twenty days,Pause if you can’t remove it。This matter is more complicated,Tomorrow morning we will hold a meeting on demolition,You will have the relevant information ready。We treat specific issues specifically,One size fits all”
“Good manager Xia,I’m waiting for your words”
Heiwa heard what Xia Jian said,Happily turned around and left。
Heiwa is gone,Wang Lin just came here,Her face is very ugly。
First2652chapter Solve one by one
Xia Jian asked with a smile:“Why is your face so ugly?what happened?”
“What else,One is work,The second is private。You won’t come,I’m going to your house to invite you。Is the wife and child warm?,I don’t want to come out as soon as I stay http://www.shujiuhong.cn at home?”
Wang Lin’s tone http://www.leaderich.cn is a bit blunt,This is one of the few she has lost her temper to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian walked to the refrigerator,Picked a bottle of Wang Lin’s favorite drink, opened it and handed it to her hand.,Then smiled and said:“You are wrong,Xiping Village I went back to yesterday afternoon,I went back to Bucheon today。Actually, there have been a lot of things in Pingcheng these two days,It’s new year after all”