To know,A Xing said in a chat,He is a middle yellow person,Can one punch knock a rock as big as the table into powder?。

Also because of this one,Own security company,No one dared to come to provoke。
same,No one dared to open a security company in Ganghwa,Grab business with yourself。
But recently,There was a boy who knew nothing about life and death,Find some retired people,I dared to open a security company in Ganghwa City,Grab business with yourself。
If it wasn’t for A Xing,Don’t make things strong,I let A Xing,Lin Yu, the real man behind the scenes against himself,Directly abolish the limbs,Let him remember,I can’t offend him。
But at this moment,The door closed before,Suddenly opened。
A man in the overalls of the Tianxing Security Company,Come out from the door。
“boss,There is a person who claims to be Li Hong,Said the boss of Fortune Tissue came to you,Said there is something important to discuss with you。”
“The boss of Fortune Tissue?”
Strange,I have no contact with each other,Why did the other party come here??
“Let him in。”
“Our boss let you in。”
After the man confirmed what the boss said,Look behind you。