Su Luo nodded:“It’s true,Long before the group,I told you,After becoming an artist,There will be very little free time,I don’t even have enough time to rest。”</p>

Xuan Yi smiled brilliantly:“I know,Now that we are on this path,Is ready to meet all kinds of difficulties。”</p>
Chat for a while,Huang Lei stood up and said:“Sitting is actually quite boring,I will make some cookies and pastries。”</p>
Hear words,Peng Yusang suddenly became interested,Tao:“Teacher Huang, let me help you。”</p>
Huang Lei glanced at him,Tao:“You chop enough firewood first。”</p>
Peng Yusang nodded,Get up to chop wood,Ever experienced pen pen,After the chopping experience of a few female guests,Peng Peng never took the initiative to show his muscles。</p>
Every time I show,Will be ridiculed by my sister。</p>
At this moment,Pots and pans scuffled and ran into the yard,When Xuanyi came,,Four dogs are not there。</p>
Run in at this time,Suddenly attracted Xuanyi’s attention。</p>
“So cute dog。”Xuan Yidao:“Do they bite?”</p>
Su Luo shook his head,Xuan Yi’s probe,Brother Diao was caught again,no way,Who makes Brother Piao the largest among brothers and sisters。</p>
Is a handsome guy,Of course the most noticeable。</p>
Brother Diao wanted to struggle,But when I turned my head and saw Xuanyi’s face,,Surprisingly honest。</p>
Su Luo smiled:“When we hug it,It is struggling,But here you are,It won’t struggle,Color dog。”</p>
Xuanyi smiled:“Beauty is justice。”</p>
At this moment,Director Wang Zhengyu came over:“If you are really bored,How about making us a few scarecrows。”</p>
Teacher He said:“Scarecrow?”</p>
Wang Zhengyu Road:“The seedlings you planted,According to the season,Almost mature,At this time birds and birds will come to harass。”</p>