How could I be wrong!

Say what the manager said,Isn’t this looking for death?!
And if no one,That’s okay,Big deal, give the supervisor some money,Pay attention later,Never mind。
But now all around are onlookers,If you don’t order this store to close,,This supervisor doesn’t have to do it anymore。
The manager did not expect,Why are you so unlucky today!
“Needless to say!Close now!Come to my office to register later。”
Finished,The supervisor walked to Gao Ziyu’s side,Said:“Mr,Excuse me,This is indeed my negligence,You often come to play。”
Gao Ziyu waved his hand,The supervisor gave the manager a ferocious look,Left,The manager ran after him and wanted to beg for mercy at last。
Drew a spur from the surrounding people,Criticize。
Gao Ziyu saw the crowd dispersed,To Qin Shi:“grown ups,You called me,Is this the only thing。”
Lin Yun has been holding Qin Shi’s hand tightly,Dare not speak。
Qin Shi felt Lin Yun’s palms sweat,Smiled,Stroked Lin Yun’s head gently。
“And one more thing。”
Gao Ziyu respectfully said:“You say。”