And the toxin meets the wound,It will corrode the body of the golden eagle faster。

Bang,One-eyed golden eagle,Fell at the feet of five people,This fierce battle,Victory or defeat。
it’s finally over,The one-eyed golden eagle is indeed a master from Taylor City,Well-deserved,Really powerful。
Five people are light or heavy,All injured,Among them, the blue jay lost an arm,Painful。
But fortunately,Lin Zhiqiang’s life was saved,And also eradicated the golden eagle。
After making sure that he won’t stand up again,Crow looks back,Manager Zhao,Peng Huan and Xia Xu,Have already come out,Running fast。
The crow ignored them。
“Blue Jay,how about it。”
The crow asked with concern,The blue jay bites the root,Shook his head and said:“I’m fine,Go see him。”
The Five Blood Crows came to Lin Zhiqiang,Said:“This gentleman,Is there any injury?”
Lin Zhiqiang shook his head,Although his body did not suffer any harm,But the death of Lin Zhicheng,But he had a deep scar in his heart。
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Four Frown
“you guys,Why save me。”
Although it is saved,But Lin Zhiqiang is still very puzzled,These people are clearly standing by Xia Xu,How come you suddenly turn around,Saved them?
The crow stepped forward and said:“I heard Qin Shi Qin’s name just now,We just understand,You are from Brother Qin,Sorry,We are late。”
Crow with guilt,Lower your head and say。
Lin Zhiqiang nodded,Although I was surprised,But anyhow, I got my life back。
Of course he will not blame these five people,At least because they can survive。