Qin Liang said loudly to Shen Ruoxue,He didn’t want her to have any embarrassment and psychological burden,I don’t want her because of herself,And to forgive a sinner who almost killed her。

“Ok,I forgive you,Don’t bully others anymore。”
Shen Ruoxue fought fiercely for a while,In the end, she chose to forgive with her kindness。
“thank you。”
Hu Niu looked at Shen Ruoxue,Then I really said thank you……
“All right,Everyone immediately return to the city,Yang Zhi,I left Hu Niu to you,Optimistic about her,Wait for my news。”
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Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Decisive battle
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Decisive battle
Qin Liang finished,Walked to Shen Ruoxue’s stretcher,Crouched down and lifted the stretcher personally。
Yang Zhi took Hu Niu’er back with his comrades in arms,Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxue were driven home by Xiao Huahan,Then Xiao Huahan took his people and left。
“Brother-in-law,Thank you for avenging me。”
Shen Ruoxue, already lying in the bedroom,Watching Qin Liang say thanks in a low voice。
“Silly girl,What do you thank me for?Don’t say thank you and brother-in-law,Your business is my business,We are family,Is a relative,There is no need to say thank you between us。”
Qin Liang reached out and stroked Shen Ruoxue’s long black hair,Comfort her with a smile。
“Brother-in-law,Why did you take that girl to Uncle Yang??Did you lock her up??”
At this time, Shen Ruoxue was still concerned about Hu Niu’s fate.,This girl really doesn’t know what to tell him。