“I agree!”

Qin Liang could not wait to be the first to express his position!He said so first,Everyone naturally had no choice but to follow his intentions and express their opinions one after another。
“Then wait for me,Koyuki,Xiaoyun,Come home with me。”
Yang Shiyun resignedly greeted everyone,Then took Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun out of the car and went home……
“Boss,I never thought you were still an old feudal!Ha ha。”
Yang Zhi teased Qin Liang。
Qin Liang said nothing,But secretly cursed in my heart;nonsense!You bastard!Standing and talking are not too painful!It’s your daughter-in-law who dresses like this,Are you fucking okay?!Qin Liang suddenly thought again;Maybe in the future Yang Zhi’s wife will be Shen Ruoxue!Thinking of Huarong Yue,All over the country,beautiful as godness,And the figure is also super hot and sexy Koyuki,Maybe Yang Zhi’s Big Five and Big Three
I’ve ruined it,Qin Liang’s heart suddenly became irritable!His brain is hot,All you don’t even think about is a punch,Hit Yang Zhi on the shoulder!
“I rely on!Boss!What do you want to kill!ow!”
Yang Zhi yelled immediately!
“Do you know i’m annoying you now!You didn’t even fart when Xiaoxue was there,Xiaoxue,You’ll talk right away!Look at your promise!I’m angry when I look at you,Just want to beat you!”
Qin Liangzhen said with words,Of course he can’t tell his true thoughts,Anyway,No words?You can find any excuse,As long as it makes sense。
“Ok……Then you beat it,But can you take it lightly?!Why are you so hard?!It hurts, OK?!”
Yang Zhi immediately persuaded,Whispered helplessly。
“you againBB!againBBI continue to beat you!”
Qin Liang gritted his teeth and said,He seemed to see Shen Ruoxue being pressed by Yang Zhi“Delicate and helpless”Look like!I want to beat Yang Zhi more and more!This jealousy is simply a peak!
“Ok i shut up!”
Yang Zhi is completely honest!Shen Ruoxue has always been his only fatal weakness,So Qin Liang entangled him with this matter,He is powerless……Fortunately, after a while,Yang Shiyun returned with Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,He didn’t like her own police uniform,But put on a military uniform like a dragon soul warrior!So Qin Liang would naturally not do this or that anymore,The car is also direct
Drove out。