Nail crescent is not a healthy blood strip

Nail crescent is not a healthy “blood strip”

Healthy nails should be translucent, shiny, tough and not easy to break, and it can reveal the pale pink of the nail bed under the nails.
Some children’s shoes are anxious: Crescent!
You forgot to say that each hand has 4 months of teeth!
Oh, I didn’t say nail crescent intentionally.
In fact, Crescent Moon is not as mysterious as everyone thinks. The statement that Crescent Moon reflects physical fitness is really a bit foolish.
Outward-facing crescents, inward-looking crescents and crescents have a scientific name called half moon or half moon marks, and are a natural phenomenon formed during the growth of nails.
The methyl group marked in the figure below is a keratin cell manufacturing base, constantly making new keratin cells and keeping nails growing.
The newly produced keratin cells are still fresh, round and white.
These newborn cells push the cells of the previous generation outward.
During the journey to the root of the nail, the cells of the previous generation were squeezed and flattened, and gradually died, and at the same time, they began to harden (and because we went out of the nerve range of the methyl group, we did not cut our nails.).
When the cells of the previous generation entered the visible part of the nail bed, most of the keratin cells had been “squeezed” to fade to white and become translucent, and had been as hard as a small shield, taking on the responsibility of protecting the nail bed.
Because the growth rate of the methyl group decreases from the center to both sides, and the time required for the keratin cells to become translucent does not change due to their location, this arc-shaped white and translucentJunction.
If the white arc just emerges, it is the half moon, which is what we call the crescent moon.
See, crescent is nothing more than nails that are not completely keratinized.
Some people may be afraid to hide from half a month because of congenital methylation later or slower growth of nails (natural, not caused by disease).
Therefore, there are only invisible crescents and no non-existent crescents.
However, it is not bad to see the crescent, which shows that all your exposed nails are very hard and can protect your nail bed.
Those born with no crescents or fewer than eight crescents can still live very healthy.
Thumbs are common, and little fingers often grow nails quickly.
The thumb is a five-finger model. The nails wear quickly and grow naturally, and the crescent is easily pushed out.
This explains that most people have crescents on their thumbs because they are used very often.
The little finger is less labor-intensive than the other four fingers, so the growth rate of the little finger nails is slower than the other four fingers.
Therefore, the crescent of the little finger is relatively rare.
This is probably the saying that “8 months of teeth are just right, 10 months of teeth are hurting themselves”.
But in fact, there is no scientific basis for this statement, because those who often play the piano and play the violin, because the pinky finger is used more frequently than ordinary people, and the growth of the pinky fingernails is accelerated, so the crescent moon will also come up.
Some people’s nails naturally grow faster, so the little finger also has crescents.
Sudden stealth or sudden appearance, there is a problem. Although the growth rate of the nails of the five fingers is different, the growth rate of the nails of the left and right hands is generally the same, and there is no significant difference due to the right or left hand.
Therefore, the crescents on the two fingers are basically symmetrical.
Occasionally the number of crescents in a person will increase by one or less. This is just a normal change in the body’s metabolism that changes the growth rate of the nails a bit, so don’t be nervous.
But sometimes, crescent changes can indeed reflect some health problems.
The premise is-your crescent just becomes very different from what you were before!
It’s not that your crescent is different from others.
If in a short period of time, you have never suddenly become full of crescents, or your full crescents are suddenly all invisible, then be careful if there is something wrong with your thyroid.
Hyperthyroidism can make the entire body’s metabolism fast, and nail growth is no exception.
Therefore, there will be a lot of keratin that is already a little hard but has not faded into translucency.
In this way, people without crescents will have full crescents, and those with crescents will become larger and larger.
If the thyroid function is reduced, the opposite is true. The metabolism of the entire body becomes very slow, and the growth of nails also slows down or even stops.If the keratin is mature and there is no new supplement, the crescent will naturally become smaller and smaller until it disappears.

When you are seriously ill or malnourished, the methyl group does not get extra nutrients to make keratin cells, and it may also cause the crescent to disappear.

In addition, with the increase of age, the body’s metabolism is getting slower and slower, and the division of the crescent will be a little smaller than when it was young (only compared with itself).